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Turn employees into true fans: Employee Experience Management

How satisfied are the employees in a company? What are the much-cited “moments that matter”? And how do you capture employee feedback there? These questions are more important than ever, because happy employees are less likely to leave the company, they are more engaged and possibly more productive. So naturally, all companies want to have only happy employees. That this is difficult to achieve in reality is no secret. But employers can do a few things to identify the wishes and needs of their workforce and take immediate optimization steps. Employee Experience Management (EXM) is the key.

What are the factors that are driving someones engagement at work?
Dr. Andrew White
Head of Data Science, sovanta AG

And with that, Christian Heinrich starts the next podcast episode with Dr. Andrew White, Head of Data Science, on the topic of Experience Management. Last time we talked about Customer Experience Management projects on the Qualtrics XM Platform, this time the focus is on Employee Experience Management. Does the annual employee survey still make sense? When are companies better off using short, focused pulse surveys? And what are the technical requirements for sending trigger-based surveys in the “moments that matter”, i.e. after training, after parental leave or even in the middle of the application process? Finally, an exciting outlook: What is the relationship between EXM and CXM and why should both disciplines be considered together in the future?

Podcast | Episode 5.2 | 33:24 Minutes

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Podcast guest:

Dr. Andrew White joined sovanta in 2017 and helped build the Data Science team there. Since 2019, sovanta has been part of the Qualtrics Partner Network and Andrew, as a PhD in Psychology, has taken a central role in the XM team from the beginning. His scientific background, deep understanding of methodology and love for data make him a key contact for all clients in Experience Management.

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