CX program for Delivery Hero

Over the past two years, Delivery Hero has collected over 4.5 million customer feedbacks from foodpanda customers in Asia Pacific and now faces the challenge of optimizing the implementation of customer experience surveys and the analysis of these responses in a dashboard. With a centralized CX program in Qualtrics XM, we’re helping Delivery Hero make it happen.

CX program: Master Survey

Data Sets

The project consists of two parts. The first involves consolidating the Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys used to date at the country level in a master survey. To this end, the data already collected must be transferred to this master survey to enable retrospective evaluations.

CX program: CX Dashboard

On the other hand, the focus is on the visualization of all data already collected (4.5 million data records) in a central CX dashboard. In the course of this, how the essential information on NPS is presented at the country level is to be optimized in a separate view – with a focus on the customer’s reasoning for the rating. In addition, we have also improved the text analytics configuration (Text iQ) to enable easier extraction of insights.

sovanta has been very helpful in optimizing our project setup for better managing the vast amount of customer feedback we collect across the Asia-Pacific region. The team consists of true CX experts, and we are eager to work with sovanta again in the future.
Sebastian McClintock
Global Director, Delivery Hero

Three strong arguments for a CX program

  • Simplified collection and analysis of customer feedback
  • The optimized technical performance of the Foodpanda dashboard
  • Improved view on the background of NPS scores across all countries


Online Delivery Platform


Customer Engagement & Quality Management

Go Live

Q3 / 2021

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