ETX for RISE with SAP

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ETX, the X-Factor for your transformation project

Complex and cost-intensive transformation projects effect an entire organization and have the stigma of “too big to fail”. Companies need to ensure that all stakeholders throughout all project phases are sufficiently informed, motivated and see that their needs are taken into consideration. ETX for RISE with SAP can help. Through continuous transparency and communication, the solution establishes an early warning system and safeguards user adoption.

Early Warning System

Project management KPIs only inform about project status and are often management by a third-party organization. ETX for RISE with SAP allows you to own the data and drive KPIs which help adoption.

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All Feedback included

Don’t risk misinterpretation of data through the hierarchical chain. All stakeholder feedback should be provided and evaluated in its original form so that you can act based on a wholistic perspective.

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Expectation Management

Too many projects are doomed to fail because of missing stakeholder support and misaligned expectations. Ensure that your transformation project will generate the impact you’re looking for.

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Our ETX for RISE offering consists of 5 elements

ETX for RISE with SAP includes stakeholder feedback into all decisions throughout the S/4 project.
The solution follows the SAP RISE Adoption Framework using SAP Activate methodology throughout all project phases.
The solution activation and enablement takes days, not weeks or months.


Out-of-the-box Solution

You receive the ETX for RISE with SAP standard solution built according to the Accelerate Project Methodology, which is a part of the RISE Adoption Framework.

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You receive intuitive dashboards that bring all necessary information together, which allow decision makers to act with all relevant information at hand.



You receive pre-configured and role-specific surveys for each key touchpoint across all phases of the transformation project.



You receive a How-to and Communication package which contains best practices to address all stakeholders throughout each of the phases of the project.



We help you to configure the out-of-the-box solution (meaning: UI Theming, providing a template for stakeholder data upload, and customization of embedded data fields that form the basis of piped text).

Demo of the Solution

Follow us step by step through the dashboard.


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Cody Wedl
Head of Business Development | President sovanta America Inc.

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Cody Wedl is responsible for our strong partnership with SAP and Qualtrics XM. As President of sovanta America Inc. he is also building up our location in Newtown Square, USA.