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UX Design Podcast: Why You Shouldn’t Skip UX Research in Any Project

It’s currently being discussed everywhere: Artificial Intelligence is making significant improvements, already taking on tasks such as researching, writing, and even designing. So, why would you need a User Interface Designer in a software project when AI, based on vast amounts of data, is expected to build better interfaces in the near future? Good news: There are fields where AI alone can’t make a difference. One of these fields is User Experience Research. Presumably, there will always be a need for a UX designer who analyzes and interprets human-machine interaction as the “human factor.” Based on that, artificial intelligence could take over. However, in projects, you should never skip the human-driven UX research part, which reveals what users of a digital solution truly want and need. 

Projects without UX research methods will undoubtedly end up in dead ends. No research buys you a series of problems that can become expensive in the end.
Christophe Chan Hin
Senior UX Designer, sovanta AG

Topic of this Episode: UX Research 

This episode of the UX Design Podcast revolves around UX Research. Host Timo Eising has User Experience expert Christophe Chan Hin as a guest. Together, they discuss the “Holy Trinity” in UX Research (Shadowing, User Interview, User Test) and the situations where observing and questioning ultimately blend together. When and how often should UX Research be used in projects? Should the client be involved in research methods? What does the perfect team setup in a research project look like? Why is it different when an uninvolved researcher interviews users instead of a supervisor? What role does context play in evaluating a situation with the customer? What is the relationship between UX Research and Design Thinking? And what about documentation in research projects? The two UX experts approach all these questions and provide exciting insights into real project situations. 

UX Research – the engine for your project

The relevance of user experience in the business context is constantly increasing. For example, there is an increasing expectation of business applications, which now have to keep pace with privately …

Podcast | Episode 4 | 36:58 minutes | German

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About the guest:

Christophe Chan Hin has been part of sovanta AG for five years and, as a Senior UX Designer, has gained a lot of experience in various customer projects. Together with a few colleagues, he also forms the Research Ops team, which continuously develops the topic of UX Research within sovanta.

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