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User Interview as a UX Research Method

Unfiltered needs, challenges, and personal opinions directly from the user? A user interview makes it possible. And because a user interview is very flexible and can be implemented individually, it is one of the most widely used methods of qualitative user research and thus also an essential component of our UX research offering for developing products or services in a user-centered way.

Why we are big fans of user interviews

On the one hand, user interviews provide targeted insights. Our experts collect all the insights about the goals, wishes and needs of the target group with the help of a guideline-based interview. On the other hand, this UX research format allows us to analyze the challenges directly in the target group: Through our interviews, we uncover important challenges already at the beginning of the project to enable a user-centric solution for your product. The result is then concrete recommendations, as with the help of the interviews our experts can illustrate important user experience values and use them to point out concrete recommendations for your product. A huge plus for us: User interviews are possible from anywhere. The interviews can take place on-site in our Design Thinking rooms, remotely via MS Teams or an alternative tool, as well as at the users’ homes or directly at their workplaces.

Interviews with as few as eight participants yield valid and meaningful results.
Svenja Spannagel
UX Research Expert, sovanta AG

Why a user interview is important for your product?

There are a number of positive effects of a user interview in the context of product development:

  • Better understanding of the expectations of the product
  • Intensive understanding and getting to know the target group
  • Reduced time and cost to achieve a user-centric outcome
  • Specific insights into context, goals, processes & challenges
  • Lower development costs due to avoidance of undesirable developments
  • More positive brand perception & more satisfied users

Our approach

1. Preparation

It is important for us to gather as much information as possible about the users and the context before the interviews. For example, are there certain areas or use cases that should be considered in particular? In addition, we advise which users are suitable as participants for an interview and jointly agree on the guiding questions and goals of the interviews.

2. Interviews

Our experts conduct the interviews with the participants at your desired location or remotely. The open structure of interviews allows us to respond individually and flexibly to the individual participants in order to collect as much qualitative data as possible.

3. Review & Analysis

The results of the interviews are documented in a well-structured report and illustrated with quotes. The report summarizes the requirements and wishes of the target group for their product. If desired, we transfer the results directly into personas, user stories or a process map, which can be used for a seamless entry into the design phase.

4. Presentation of results

The results are presented and discussed by our experts in a workshop. We will then be happy to support you in planning the next steps and help you find individual solutions that fit your company and product.

Persona, Process Map or User Journey Map

If desired, our experts will be happy to advise you on how the results of the interviews can be further processed and which method is best suited for the further course of the project.

Here you can download our offer for User Interviews by sovanta:

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Svenja Spannagel
Senior UX Designer / Senior UX Research Expert

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With her expertise in communication sciences, Svenja Spannagel is largely responsible for UX research methods such as the UX Audit by sovanta.
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