Our BTP Squad on ABC-Tour 

The last month was a strong event month for the sovanta team. One event followed another, with each being a highlight. Whether it was Munich, New Orleans, Berlin, or Düsseldorf – the focus was mainly on one topic: SAP BTP. And, of course, the exchange around it. In addition, the proper use of Artificial Intelligence in the SAP environment also played a significant role, and we had many interesting discussions about the sovanta solution ETX for RISE with SAP. Here we recap our event highlights. 

A stands for ASUG Tech Connect – sovanta America Inc. in New Orleans 

Our first fair in the USA was an absolute highlight for our team. What drives the American SAP community? How can we optimally use our experience from the DACH region for US customers? The fair clearly demonstrated that SAP BTP is also the perfect platform for American SAP customers to create and scale value. In this context, the sovanta Innovation Factory for SAP BTP is the necessary addition to quickly become productive on BTP. Christian Heinrich, board member at sovanta, has summarized his impressions in a LinkedIn post: 

Back in the office!

The right time for a short summary of my last visits to the USA. The last two visits in particular have shown me that the decision to go to the US with sovanta was the right one.

B stands for Berlin – With SAP at the Smart Country Convention

At the SAP booth – an intelligent coffee bar – at the Smart Country Convention, our sovanta team was also present this year. It was three intense days of conversations about digital administration, Artificial Intelligence in the public sector, and the potential of automation. In our joint AI project with ITZBund, we already noticed that there is a lot of movement and especially keen interest in the latest technologies in this sector. This was further confirmed at the Smart Country Convention. It was great that we could showcase our expertise on a huge screen through a demo. 

Video: Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der KI

The terms Artificial Intelligence and AI-supported processes are often very abstract and hard to grasp. Two weeks ago, at the SCCON23, we were able to lift the veil with our demo case on subsidies management and vividly show what actually happens ‘intelligently’ in the background when an AI categorizes and evaluates applications.

C stands for Connect – as Experience Partner at the SAP Partner Summit 

How do participants experience the Connect? Which sessions are particularly well-received? Are there suggestions or ideas for improvement? We evaluated exactly these questions based on a Qualtrics survey at the SAP Partner Summit. We were very pleased to once again be able to shape the event a bit as an Experience Partner this year. And as if that weren’t enough: we also brought our solution, ETX for RISE with SAP – our early warning system for transformation projects. There was not only a demo of the solution at our booth but also on stage. And, of course, we couldn’t ignore the topic of BTP: discussions and presentations, especially in combination with the possibilities of AI, steadily accompanied the event. Michel Kern, board member of sovanta, summarized his impressions from the two days in Düsseldorf on LinkedIn: 

Second stop this week: SAPCONNECT – SAP Partner Summit 2023

Definitely one of my highlight events in the year … And what I like most is the valuable exchange with SAP colleagues and the other Partners in the ecosystem and of course the evening event!

And another C – the Customer Success Day in Munich

After the SAP Customer Success Day in Prague in April 2023 focused more on educating about SAP BTP, the community was significantly further along half a year later. This time, the question of ‘How’ was in the spotlight. How do you properly implement SAP BTP? Michael Kern, board member of sovanta AG, provided the answer in his keynote: “No Transformation without Innovation – ideally with SAP BTP, RISE for SAP, and the sovanta Innovation Factory.” Following that, two colleagues from sovanta, Jakob Frankenbach, Head of Development, and Thomas Bechberger, Design Lead, took the lead and guided participants through an SAP BTP Readiness Check during a breakout session. How well are companies positioned to scale successfully on SAP BTP? Together with the group, they identified step by step the elements crucial for an individual SAP BTP Center of Excellence. Melisandra Rahner, Customer Success Trainee at sovanta, wrote about her first Customer Success Day on LinkedIn:

My highlights of the Customer Success Day in Munich!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Customer Success Day in Munich and dive deeper into the world of RISE with SAP and SAP BTP. The event was extremely enriching, and I’m excited to share my highlights with you!

Now we take a breath, and keep going 

Of course, our team is not taking a break just yet. In the last quarter, there’s still plenty of time to continue the conversations from the events and make big plans for next year. We look forward to everything that comes our way and would like to say thank you to SAP for the fantastic events we’ve had together this year. 

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