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sovanta Innovation Factory for SAP BTP!

Does this sound familiar to you? New requests from various departments arrive in your team faster than you can process them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement digital solutions fast and scalable? Get to know the sovanta Innovation Factory for SAP BTP!

The SAP BTP is the ideal basis for us to bring your use cases into the cloud. In combination with our proven end-to-end approach, we create fast and scalable solutions that convince. Because we listen to the user first and thus ensure that you really address your biggest challenges in the right way.

Our motto: Ideate. Develop. Impress. Repeat.

Step by step through the Innovation Factory

From Design to Engineering to Production to Shipment


Design – What does the user really need?

Human-centered design is not only a buzzword for us. Our projects start in UX design with the question: What does the user really need? We use Design Thinking, Design Scoping and UX Research. We draw upon our experience gained from a multitude of successful customer projects. Our goal is to swiftly develop verifiable prototypes for the most critical solutions, all before we start coding.

User Experience | Use Cases | Prototypes


Engineering – We do not build castles in the air

We conduct a feasibility check before implementing the designed prototypes. How can the solution be implemented? We seek the optimal solution for the customer. To accomplish this, our seasoned SAP solution architects closely examine the customer’s IT landscape, recommend utilizing existing components, and offer valuable insights to enhance the solution even further. With the right plan in place, we then move on to implementation.

Enterprise Architecture | Blueprints | Solution Planning


Production – We create solutions here

After receiving the green light from the SAP Solution Architects, the project enters the development phase. From backend & frontend to workflows and AI – we have exactly the right experts working together in an optimized project setup, depending on the type of solution. This is how we address the challenge: with our interdisciplinary teams in an agile and efficient manner. The finished solution is then put through its paces and also tested by the end users.

Optimized solution approaches | Interdisciplinary teams


Parts – Everything can be reused

From design to engineering to production, there’s no need to start from scratch. As part of the strong SAP ecosystem, we have access to many tried-and-tested components, tools and best practices. Furthermore, we leverage partial products from our previous projects to find the right solution more quickly.

Libraries | Business Content | Add-ons


Shipment – The solution hits the road

We hand over the finished solution to the customer and deploy it in the live system. Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We assist our customers in taking the first steps with the new solution. Especially during the crucial first days, we maintain an open line of communication, an optimal change management and conduct intensive user trainings to ensure a high user acceptance. And of course, we guarantee the successful operation of the solution.

Hyper Care | Training | Change Management


Monitoring – At a glance

The Innovation Factory is not a black box, but a transparent factory. This not only provides an overview of the projects and programs at all times, but also gives the opportunity make real-time adjustments. To do this, we guarantee access to the know-how of our experts at all times, regardless of the topic. This way, we always navigate in the right direction together.

Overview | Staffing | Project Planning

Offerings of the sovanta Innovation Factory

Take advantage of our entry-level offers around SAP Build, AI and Extensions.

The fast way to side-by-side extensions

In two sprints, we take your product to the next level.

Workflows with SAP Build Process Automation

A straightforward and fast step into the cloud.

AI-Kickstart on the SAP BTP

In just 6 weeks, your customized AI model will be on the SAP BTP.

Digital Workplace with SAP Build Work Zone

Bring transparency and speed to your daily work.

Discovery Workshop: SAP BTP

That’s what the SAP Business Technology Platform can do for you.

SAP Build Apps in use

5-day bootcamp on a digital product of your choice.

Christian Heinrich: Marketing & Solutions
Christian Heinrich
Chief Solutions Officer, Executive Board Member

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Christian Heinrich is a member of the Executive Board of sovanta AG and is responsible for Marketing & Solutions, Experience Management and the Design Lab. He combines a deep understanding of customer needs with expert knowledge in the latest technologies in the SAP market to bring both together for innovative solutions.