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sovanta took part in the “SAP BTP Innovation Day” event series in three cities: after Vienna and Bern, the event in Essen at the Zeche Zollverein was the highlight of our BTP trip. As Diamond Sponsor in Essen, the BTP Squad made a strong impression on the SAP community. This was largely due to the keynote by Christian Heinrich, Chief Solutions Officer at sovanta, along with Christine Grimm, Director Process & Digital Technology Management at Freudenberg. Missed the keynote? No problem, Christian summarizes the presentation on the central role of SAP BTP for transformation here.

The Central Role of SAP BTP for Transformation

Transformation is not a modern phenomenon, but a fundamental principle that has driven the economy for centuries and embodies innovation and change in every era. The digital transformation of companies requires a new openness to change. Companies must be willing to rethink traditional ways of working and pave the way for the future. This means continuous improvement and fostering digital thinking so that they can learn from experiences and boldly look to the future.

We all face the task of supporting business processes and processing data effectively. Every era has its drivers, whether it be paper, business software, mobile technologies, the cloud, or AI. These innovations lead to significant advancements in various fields, allowing businesses to quickly catch up with the competition or fall behind.
Christine Grimm
Director Process & Digital Technology Management, Freudenberg

How can companies ensure they are ready for these rapid changes? How can they keep up with this pace? The answer lies in the courage to change and enabling employees. Additionally, investments in technology, platforms, and architectures that support transformation are essential for success in a rapidly changing world. And such a platform is SAP BTP. With suitable technologies, services, and tools, it offers a toolbox that enables IT departments to provide solutions in all areas: from extensions to integrations, analytics, AI, and automation. Constantly updated to include new topics like the GenAI Hub and the HANA Vector Engine.

The terms Clean Core and Extensions are frequently mentioned in connection with SAP BTP. This is a major argument for investing in SAP BTP: the decoupling of core systems through extensions on BTP. This leads to independence from release changes and seamless handling of hybrid scenarios. Core systems can change, but SAP BTP remains. Another nice side effect: companies can use SAP BTP immediately, no matter what phase of transformation they are in. This flexibility brings speed to projects and leads directly to a better UX for the user.

Success Factors for Transformation with SAP BTP

What makes BTP projects unique? What should be particularly noted about BTP? What is different with BTP? Based on years of project work experience on SAP BTP, four success factors can be defined. The sovanta Innovation Factory provides direct answers to all questions about SAP BTP. Here’s a match:

1. Strategy/Organization
Why rely on SAP BTP? What is the actual business benefit? Only when all parties have the same understanding can they work together in the right direction. The sovanta SAP BTP CoE Starter helps with the basics around governance, account models, and more.

In twelve weeks to a solid SAP BTP CoE

An SAP BTP Center of Excellence (CoE) forms the foundation for companies to operate at scale on SAP BTP. The elements that are relevant in this context vary significantly for …

2. Competencies
Many new technologies and approaches come to companies in the context of BTP, and the right competencies are not always available in the company. From Clean Core and Integration to CoE and AI on BTP – our BTP Squad is ready to support.

The idea behind the BTP Squads

The BTP Squads support customers in their daily BTP projects. From AI to extensions and workflows – sovanta provides BTP Squads for every project on SAP BTP. A BTP Squad combines all expertise needed to succeed on the SAP BTP. This covers Solution Architects, SCRUM Masters, UX Designer and much more. These experts help customers to scale on SAP BTP and start really fast with a project.

3. Methodology
Many challenges are new, and established paths only work to a limited extent. A good example of how to use new possibilities is the multitenant application on SAP BTP that we developed for Freudenberg. This created a blueprint for how central IT in a decentralized organization can create value for everyone.

Custom multitenant applications on SAP BTP and Cloud Foundry

We encounter different challenges in the IT infrastructure of our customers. For example, the following scenario: There is a central IT department and individual business groups, each with their own …

4. Innovation
There are so many BTP services and so many possible paths to the goal. And new ones are constantly being added. Freudenberg dealt with the topic of GenAI. With our GenAI Starter service offering, we supported the implementation of a first use case in the GenAI Lab.

GenAI Lab on SAP BTP

How to use GenAI securely and in full compliance with data protection regulations on SAP BTP Use Case: GenAI Lab on SAP BTPEveryone is talking about GenAI, and it feels …

GenAI Lab auf der SAP BTP

We look forward to your feedback on the presentation.

Whether you were on-site or not, we would be happy to exchange ideas on the proper use of SAP BTP for successful transformation.

Christian Heinrich: Marketing & Solutions
Christian Heinrich
Chief Solutions Officer, Executive Board Member

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Christian Heinrich is a member of the Executive Board of sovanta AG and is responsible for Marketing & Solutions, Experience Management and the Design Lab. He combines a deep understanding of customer needs with expert knowledge in the latest technologies in the SAP market to bring both together for innovative solutions.
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