Wie kann ein erster sicherer Use Case mit GenAI auf der SAP BTP aussehen? Unser GenAI Starter hält die Antwort parat.

GenAI Starter, scale and run securely on SAP BTP

Many companies understand that GenAI has huge potential for their organization, but they can’t compromise on safeguarding the data and IP. Companies know that they need to use GenAI to maintain a competitive advantage, but in a way that mitigates risk and maximizes value. Our GenAI Starter is the perfect solution.

Our Offering: GenAI Starter

In just a few weeks, we’ll help your team harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI or Aleph Alpha, and we’ll work through processing your initial document set with our GenAI Lab. By the end of the Starter, you’ll have a fully working use case that immediately enables your team, and you’ll understand how to best use GenAI to support your future growth. 

The GenAI Starter gets you on the right track. With our support, you’ll design and implement your pilot GenAI use case, ready to scale and running securely on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). ​
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Chief AI Officer, sovanta

Ready to use: sovanta GenAI Lab

Develop your initial use case using our modern UI5 application and SAP GenAI Lab based on SAP GenAI Hub:

  • Try out ideas and test individual use cases in the secure environment of sovanta’s GenAI Lab​
  • Work with individual documents or a central upload, whichever better fits your use case ​
  • Query the AI engine using a multi-language chat function – ask questions and get insightful responses, including source citations and direct references​
  • An optional consultation on follow-up projects, expanding your use cases, and more. We’ll show you how GenAI can evolve and scale with your requirements.​

GenAI Lab on SAP BTP

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GenAI Lab auf der SAP BTP

100% GDPR-compliant: GenAI for companies

Introduce GenAI to your company, and build experience in a secure environment – maximize innovation while protecting your data and minimizing risk. Build an initial relationship with sovanta’s team of multidisciplinary experts​ and benefit from one-on-one discussion with our GenAI experts, focusing explicitly on your use cases​. We make sure to understand and meet your critical regulatory and legal requirements.

Interested in the GenAI Starter and a demo of the GenAI Lab?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to show you our solution and explain in detail how we can help you with the GenAI starter package.

Tommi Kramer: Data Science
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Chief AI Officer

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Dr. Tommi Kramer is responsible for Data Science at sovanta AG. Together with his team, he works on innovative approaches around machine learning and thus develops intelligent models for the optimization of business processes.
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