GenAI Lab auf der SAP BTP

GenAI Lab on SAP BTP

How to use GenAI securely and in full compliance with data protection regulations on SAP BTP

Use Case: GenAI Lab on SAP BTP
Everyone is talking about GenAI, and it feels like everyone is currently trying out ChatGPT, Aleph Alpha and the like to see what is possible. GenAI can also be a major lever for companies. How can a secure environment be created to give employees immediate access to GenAI? How do you ensure that hallucinations of LLMs do not cause economic damage to the company? sovanta offers a GenAI Lab on SAP BTP – absolutely data protection compliant and secure.

Employees “chat” with the documents that have already been uploaded

Three success factors of the GenAI Lab on SAP BTP:

  1. Documents are uploaded by employees in a protected space or provided centrally by the company.
  2. Everything is possible, from questions about the document to summaries and translations.
  3. Employees can immediately use the full power of GenAI.



SAP GenAI Hub, XSUAA, Cloud Foundry, HTML5 Apps Repo, Destinations, PostgreSQL Database

Any questions about the GenAI Lab on SAP BTP?

We would be happy to talk to you about use cases that are not only exciting, but can also be successfully implemented.

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