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UX Design Podcast: What makes a UX Designer particularly succesful as Proxy PO?

Product Owner and Proxy Product Owner are two key positions in agile software development teams that contribute to ensure the successful planning and implementation of projects. But who is the Product Owner, and what crucial role does he play in the agile environment? What is the role of the Proxy Product Owner, and what do UX designers have to do with it? In this episode of the sovanta UX Design Podcast, we take a closer look at the functions, responsibilities, and significance of both roles to clarify all these questions.

The Product Owner must be able to recall the concepts he develops for a product or project at 3 am in his sleep.
Alexander Lenhart
Senior UX Designer, sovanta AG

The focus this time: Product Owner, Proxy Product Owner & UX Designer

In this episode of the sovanta UX Design Podcast, host Timo Eising talks with Alexander Lenhart, Senior UX Designer at sovanta, about the experiences as a Proxy Product Owner and why UX designers are particularly well suited for this role. The two get into the key requirements for the roles of the Product Owners and Proxy Product Owners. They reveal the strengths that UX designers bring to this area and the risks and conflicts that can arise in collaboration with the Product Owner. The podcast also discusses the importance and proper handling of concepts. Finally, Alexander Lenhart shares some valuable tips for UX designers who are facing the challenge of being a Proxy Product Owner for the first time. Tune in now!

Podcast | Episode 7 | 28:41 minutes

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Our guest this time:

Alexander Lenhart has been working as a UX Designer at sovanta for eight years and has witnessed firsthand the increasing momentum of the UX and UI in the SAP world. Previously, he worked as an Art Director in a trading agency but decided to transition from print media to digital. At sovanta, he tackles various client projects with his expertise in Design Thinking, UX Design, SAP Fiori, and more.

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