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UX Design Podcast: How UX Designers master SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is more than just a design system: for us, Fiori is the ultimate lever for companies to make business applications more efficient and user-friendly. However, the SAP Fiori world can initially seem intimidating to UX designers. How can the onboarding of new colleagues be effectively managed and how can they be motivated for SAP Fiori? In this episode of the UX Design Podcast, two experienced UX designers explain how to overcome all the hurdles on the way to becoming an SAP Fiori designer.

Everyone has a different understanding and different requirements of a product. SAP Fiori can help here, because Fiori is the common denominator for all roles, both for the UX designers and for the business users.
Alexander Lenhart
Senior User Experience Designer, sovanta

This Time in Focus: Onboarding in SAP Fiori for UX Designers

In this episode of our UX Design Podcast, host Timo Eising is joined by two colleagues: Daniel Grab and Alexander Lenhart, both Senior User Experience Designers at sovanta. They have something else in common: they are absolute SAP Fiori experts with years of experience in various client projects. And it’s exactly this experience and confidence in working with SAP Fiori that new colleagues often lack at the beginning. That’s why the two reveal what really matters when onboarding new UX designers into the SAP Fiori world. They answer questions like “Why do many designers struggle with starting out in SAP Fiori, and what role do technical contents play?” , “How can we ensure that new designers not only acquire technical skills but also learn to think strategically, and how can the sovanta Innovation Factory specifically help with this?” and “How does prototyping and visualization help improve the understanding of SAP Fiori?”

Additionally, the episode discusses the opportunities and challenges of SAP Fiori for custom theming to achieve a unified brand feel and standard theming. SAP Fiori also plays a significant role in collaboration with other stakeholders as a common denominator. But how can we ensure that the various actors pursue a common understanding and goal? And how can the close involvement of users as main actors help effectively utilize the SAP Fiori design system? Our experts are certain: sovantas unique work approach and methodology not only helps new designers to quickly find their way around but also strengthens the overall design culture. Tune in now to learn more.

Podcast | Folge 11 | 53:47 Minutes | German

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This time’s guests:

As a UX designer, Daniel Grab has been working almost exclusively on SAP topics at sovanta since 2017, gradually focusing more on SAP Fiori. In addition to working with the SAP Fiori design system on client projects, he also deals with the SAP Analytics Cloud. His interest in web development gives him a keen eye for the technical aspects of an application, creating a bridge between design and development.

Alexander Lenhart has been a UX designer at sovanta for eight years and has witnessed firsthand how the topics of UX and UI have gained momentum in the SAP world. Previously, he was an art director at a trading agency but decided to switch from print media to digital. At sovanta, he oversees various client projects with his expertise in design thinking, UX design, SAP Fiori and more.

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