The path to Branding Excellence with SAP Fiori  

SAP Fiori is the pioneer for contemporary and appealing user interface design, offering clear advantages in implementing a standard solution on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Alexander Lenhart and Daniel Grab are UX designers at sovanta and experts when it comes to SAP Fiori projects. They reveal how to achieve a unique and impactful branding within Fiori Standard. From color palettes to logo integration – how you maintain consistency and still stand out. 

SAP Fiori as a Game Changer for Brand Identity in Apps 

SAP Fiori has revolutionized the way companies design their critical business applications, emphasizing user-friendliness to create an intuitive and efficient use of SAP applications. But that’s far from all – Fiori also offers lots of opportunities for custom corporate branding, allowing applications to be perfectly tailored to the corporate identities and brand guidelines of companies. In this context, SAP Fiori presents companies with the opportunity to create a consistent and brand-aligned User Experience, enabling seamless integration into the overall visual identity of a company. 

Mastering the challenges of internal Branding 

How can companies ensure that their internal branding for applications and products is truly effective? The challenges are real, but with the right approach, they can be turned into opportunities. The first question that arises: How can the consistency of internal branding be maintained across various applications? The answer lies in a clear, company-wide design guideline. Teams must collaborate and agree on how the brand identity is presented consistently and strongly to ensure that each application fits seamlessly into the overall picture. 

Another consideration is the integration into existing systems: How can branding be added without compromising functionality? The solution lies in careful planning and possibly adjustments to ensure that the desired branding is seamlessly integrated into the existing technology. Another focus is on adhering to design guidelines. How to ensure that internal branding respects design principles? Collaboration between designers and marketing experts plays a crucial role in that. Developing the brand identity within these guidelines not only ensures compliance with corporate design but also strengthens usability and acceptance.

SAP Fiori as the common ground for design, development, and business

SAP Fiori is considered the pioneer of modern and appealing user interface designs. We see immense benefits for SAP customers when it comes to implementing a standard solution on the …

And how can companies integrate user feedback into their internal branding? Through continuous communication and adaptation. User opinions and preferences must be actively taken into account to ensure that internal branding promotes positive User Experiences. Finally, there is the challenge of scalability of internal branding: How can it keep pace with the growth of applications and products? Flexibility is key here. Internal branding should be able to adapt to new features and expansions without sacrificing clarity and consistency. Overall, successfully overcoming these challenges is a team effort. Designers, developers, and marketing experts must work hand in hand to ensure that internal branding not only meets expectations but also achieves the desired goals. 

Overall, successfully overcoming these challenges is a team effort. Designers, developers, and marketing experts must work hand in hand to ensure that internal branding not only meets expectations but also achieves the desired goals.
Daniel Grab
UX Designer, sovanta

Branding with Fiori Standard: Colors, Fonts and Logo 

Fiori Standard offers an effective branding solution for companies without the need to build an entirely new UX design system. Elements can be customized under the term ‘Theme Styling’: 

  • Colors: Standard colors can be partially or completely replaced.  
  • Fonts: Fonts can be exchanged, and font sizes, styles, and spacing can be adjusted. 
  • Brand Logo: The SAP standard logo can be replaced with the company logo. 

When these elements are carefully coordinated across the entire Business Technology Platform, the user receives strong brand communication within the company. Effective internal brand communication is essential for users to become brand ambassadors externally. Undoubtedly, brand communication is a crucial aspect of the User Experience. 

When is it time for an individual design system in SAP Fiori? 

SAP Fiori has rewritten the rules in the world of user interfaces – but what if your company aspires to more than “just” the Standard? The decision to establish your own design system on SAP Fiori and move away from the Standard is not an easy one. Here are some considerations that could help you determine the right time: 

  1. Company-specific requirements:  
    If your company has unique requirements for the User Experience beyond the SAP Fiori design system, it might be time to create your own. Fiori is powerful, but if your company needs something more specific, an individual design system could be the solution. 
  2. Industry-specific customizations:
    In industries with specific design requirements or regulatory guidelines, individuality is key. An individual design system may be necessary, whether in the context of accessibility or under special environmental conditions. 
  3. Enhance Customer Experience:
    A consistent, appealing design across various SAP and non-SAP applications can optimize the Customer Experience. If visual identity plays a role, an individual design system can make a difference. 
  4. Technological requirements:
    If your company requires specific technological features or integrations not fully supported by the standard SAP design, an individual design system may be the right path. 
  5. Long-term costs, maintenance, and return on investment:
    Developing and maintaining your design system can be challenging, but the long-term benefits must be carefully weighed. It’s important to assess the return on investment that an established UX mentality can bring to your company. 
  6. Corporate culture and brand identity:
    Design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also reflect corporate culture and brand identity. An individual design system can help communicate the message clearly both internally and externally.

We accompany you on your branding journey in SAP systems

Overall, SAP Fiori impressively illustrates how a well-thought-out user interface not only enhances efficiency but also paves the way for effective branding. The challenges in corporate branding are real, but through smart design guidelines, integration into existing systems, and the continuous consideration of user feedback, they can be turned into opportunities for a unique brand experience. If you have any questions about the SAP design standard, feel free to reach out 

Alexander Lenhart
Senior User Experience Designer

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Alexander Lenhart is Senior User Experience Designer at sovanta und supervises various customer projects with his expertise all around Design Thinking, UX-Design, SAP Fiori and more.
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