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UX Design Podcast: Behind the scenes of Design Ops

In addition to visual design, UX design always involves making processes as efficient as possible and enabling an optimal and smooth collaboration. In this context, Design Operations, or Design Ops for short, has proven to be an important component. The integration of Design Ops demonstrates that design is not only a creative task but also requires a well-thought-out and organized structure. But what exactly is behind this term, and why is it crucial for UX designers at sovanta?

Design Ops always focuses on helping designers do their job better and easier.
Tobias Gollwitzer
Program Manager, SAP AppHaus

This time, the focus is on Design Ops as a key to smooth work processes

The definition of Design Ops can be extensive and there are often discussions about what tasks exactly are involved: Orchestrating and monitoring processes? Advancing design teams? Deploying the right tools? In this episode of the UX Design Podcast, host Timo Eising delves into the topic of “Design Ops” with his two guests, sovanta UX designers Stefan Haingärtner and Simon Schelsky.

To what extent has Design Ops contributed to making designers and developers work together more effectively, and how can Design Ops ensure that designers can focus more on their core tasks? How has the introduction of Design Ops impacted sovanta? Have there been noticeable improvements in the design process and team collaboration? And what role does Design Ops play in onboarding new colleagues? How does collaboration with customers in the Design Ops field look like? What challenges arise when customers bring their own design systems or when entirely new systems need to be created from scratch? Stefan and Simon explain how a company can take off with Design Ops and the important steps to prepare the entire team for the implementation of Design Ops.

 Podcast | episode 10 | 50:39 minutes | German only

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About the guests

From the practical semester to being a working student to his permanent position– the studied communication designer Stefan Haingärtner has been working at sovanta as a UX designer for eight years. His focus is on design systems and design operations.

Simon Schelsky has also been working as a UX designer at sovanta for eight years. During his studies in communication design in Karlsruhe, he joined the team initially as a working student. In his job as a UX designer, he mainly acts as a mediator between design and development.

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