SAP Fiori as the common ground for design, development, and business

SAP Fiori is considered the pioneer of modern and appealing user interface designs. We see immense benefits for SAP customers when it comes to implementing a standard solution on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The sovanta UX designers Daniel Grab und Alexander Lenhart work daily with SAP Fiori in customer projects, collectively examining the opportunities presented by the Fiori standard, as well as potential obstacles on the path to an optimal User Experience (UX).

SAP Fiori as a common language for smooth development processes

Es ist kein Geheimnis: Der Erfolg eines digitalen Produktes hängt von der erfolgreichen Kollaboration zwischen der Entwicklung, dem Design sowie dem Business ab. SAP Fiori dient dabei als gemeinsamer Nenner zwischen den verschiedenen Experts, der eine nahtlose und transparente Zusammenarbeit fördert. Der Einsatz von SAP Fiori Apps macht es möglich, den vollen Fokus auf den zukünftigen User mit all seinen Wünschen und Anforderungen an ein digitales Produktes zu legen – ganz nach dem Human Centered Design Approach. Und wir sind überzeugt: Nur so entwickelt man gemeinsam erfolgreich Lösungen mit guter UX.

It’s no secret: The success of a digital product depends on the successful collaboration between development, design, and business. SAP Fiori serves as a common denominator among these various experts, promoting seamless and transparent cooperation. The use of SAP Fiori apps enables a full focus on the future user with all their wishes and requirements for a digital product, following the Human Centered Design Approach. And we are convinced: Only this way solutions can be successfully developed together with a good User Experience.

6 Guidelines: How to design SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is the fast track to applications with a good user experience. But although the SAP standard can do a lot out of the box, we often hear in …

In this context, the SAP Fiori design system plays a crucial role. SAP Fiori not only provides a quick visualization of a business case but also allows for rapid visual iteration of process steps for the UX designer. The development process benefits from ready-to-use code assets provided by SAP Fiori. It becomes clear quickly: the more we rely on the Fiori standard as our common language, the faster the product can hit the market and continuously improve. In the end, the user is the winner because they not only receive fitting solutions more quickly but also have a good User Experience when working with the system.

How to achieve optimal UX in the SAP Fiori Standard?

To develop processes in the SAP Fiori standard as effectively as possible, our goal is to keep them as simple as can be. We aim not only to achieve an efficient User Experience but also to accelerate the users’ goal attainment and task fulfillment.

The 1-1-3 principle is at the center of our focus: a task should be completed by the user on a single screen in a maximum of three work steps.
Alexander Lenhart
Senior UX Designer, sovanta

But when is it worthwhile to deviate from the SAP Fiori standard? Adaptations to Fiori are justified as soon as standard functions are no longer sufficient. This can be the case when existing controls or UX patterns can no longer adequately represent business logic, or when SAP does not provide a default solution for specific business logic. Fiori is flexible enough to enable customized solutions for every business process. Various criteria are considered to decide whether custom adjustments are worthwhile, including:

  • Schedule
  • Own experience/Best practice
  • Budget
  • Development skills/resources
  • (Non-)MVP options
  • Design system/framework
  • Stakeholder convincing
  • Alignment with the product vision and business logic

Are you also involved with SAP Fiori?

Transparent communication, speed, and flexibility – SAP Fiori undoubtedly offers many advantages when it comes to developing applications that optimize business operations. However, it is essential to remain realistic: SAP Fiori prioritizes clear functionality over playful elements and was primarily developed for use in enterprises. Consumer apps often have different requirements for user-friendliness and design that go beyond the typical business context. Within the SAP world, however, SAP Fiori is the established standard, and gradually, all SAP products are being transitioned to SAP Fiori. If you have any questions about the SAP design standard, feel free to reach out.

Daniel Grab
UX Designer

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Daniel Grab is as UX designer in charge of SAP Fiori projects at sovanta with the goal to use the standard correctly and expand it in a meaningful way.
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