Sales Order Automation

Sales Order Automation​ on SAP BTP

Efficient transformation: Automated order processing with SAP BTP

Use Case: Sales Order Automation​ on SAP BTP
The manual processing of up to 50,000 incoming orders per year on a global level leads to errors and requires a considerable amount of time. The solution is to use the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to automatically read the incoming purchase orders and seamlessly integrate the results into SAP S/4HANA or SAP ECC.

Automation enables more efficient processing

Three success factors of the Sales Order Automation​ on SAP BTP:

  1. Seamless integration of results into the ERP system allows information to be updated in real time.​
  2. Manual errors are minimized, leading to a significant reduction in errors in the ordering processes. Process costs can thus be reduced.​
  3. Automation can manage an increasing number of orders, which increases the scalability of the process.​


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