Low-code-challenge with SAP Build Apps

SAP Build Apps is currently all the rage in the SAP community as a low-code tool. Everyone is talking about it, showing initial results, and also reaching their limits in some use cases. And it is precisely this “let’s try it” mentality that is the big driver for low code. You really only need three ingredients: Time, the right team and a good approach or use case to effectively build applications with SAP Build Apps. And it’s exactly these three ingredients that we bring together in our SAP Build Apps Challenge offering.

Our offer: One day, one team, one challenge

In just one day, our Low Code Experts sit down with your team. Together, we will find a suitable use case and implement it with SAP Build Apps. You can expect a really compact and effective look under the low-code hood.

Who should be part of the SAP Build Apps Challenge?

  • 2-8 Citizen Developers from your area of expertise
  • 1-2 sovanta UX Designer
  • 1-2 sovanta SAP BTP Experts
  • Optional: sovanta SAP / Business Expert
Many people talk about low code, but you can’t really speak about it until you have tried it out.
Christian Heinrich
Executive Board member, sovanta AG

Together, we face the challenge

To ensure that we successfully master the challenge on one day, we make a demand clarification call beforehand. Here, we take a close look at the application, what is really possible in one day and which competencies need to be supplemented by sovanta. Then the challenge is already on the agenda. We meet for one day either at our sovanta office or at your site and implement the use case in SAP Build Apps. Depending on your needs, we can also look at the possibilities with SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Work Zone – the other products in the SAP Build portfolio. Following the day, you will receive a documentation.

SAP Build Apps Bootcamp

If you enjoyed the SAP Build Apps Challenge format, you’ll love our Bootcamp. Here, our experienced SAP Build team works with your team in a 5-day bootcamp on a digital product of your choice. The goal of the bootcamp is a working solution that you can deploy directly in your system landscape.

Compact insight into the possibilities of SAP Build Apps

Put SAP Build Apps to your own individual test: Can SAP Build do the things we need it to do? How does it feel? Can my team build apps this way, and what support might they need? After just one day, you will get the answers to these questions and save significant time and money, thanks to the professional guidance provided by the sovanta team. You also benefit from first-hand knowledge transfer from our experienced SAP BTP experts, who also look at SAP Build Apps from a user experience perspective.

Are you ready for your SAP Build Apps Challenge?

We look forward to meeting your team and your challenge.

Christian Heinrich: Marketing & Solutions
Christian Heinrich
Chief Solutions Officer, Executive Board Member

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Christian Heinrich is a member of the Executive Board of sovanta AG and is responsible for Marketing & Solutions, Experience Management and the Design Lab. He combines a deep understanding of customer needs with expert knowledge in the latest technologies in the SAP market to bring both together for innovative solutions.
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