Happy Birthday Endress+Hauser


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Dear Endress+Hauser-Team,

We are very happy that we can celebrate this round birthday with you. When we look back on our years together, we have done great projects together that we always remember with pleasure. But in addition to the projects, it is above all the values and personalities that simply harmonize perfectly at Endress+Hauser and sovanta.

Thank you for working with us as a team, for trusting in our expertise and, above all, for the close partnership. We are looking forward to the next years at your side, together we will master all challenges in the SAP world.

Dr. Tommi Kramer, Member of the Management Team,
and the sovanta Team

Highlights of our last years together

From AI to workflows to experience management at SAP BTP


Product Recommender

Automated, customer-specific suggestion generation for the web store and the internal sales force.

For the internal sales force, it is difficult to have an overview due to the high product diversity of the individual production units and the overall large product range. The standard web store cannot map the product variety and the relationship between products, technical information, etc. In addition, there is no central data storage of technical customer preferences. This is to change.



Statistical algorithms suggest buyers
a final configuration after just a few steps

Buyers should be guided quickly online through Endress+Hauser’s very complex and varied product range. To buy a product online, buyers must configure each feature. An algorithm compares all non-configured features and suggests the feature with the highest information content to get to the end of the configuration faster (with around 60% fewer clicks).


Product Lens

Early detection of serial defects increases customer satisfaction

As part of a quality offensive, serial defects in delivered products are to be detected earlier so that the affected parts can be replaced before they fail. The data basis for this is formed by service messages and production data, which are available in aggregated form in the SAP Business Technology Platform.


Product Guide

A guide for the right product selection

To improve the customer journey, the parameters of product selection, product sizing and product configuration are to be combined in one workflow. With the Product Guide, the user is guided to the most suitable product for his use case. The solution is modular and can be integrated with other Endress+Hauser solutions such as the Central Engineering Platform or non-blue Sales Partner.


Specification Sheets

Processing requests with machine learning

When customers request quotations or place orders, they send along documents (PDF or Excel) known as specification sheets. These contain information about the process in which the requested measuring device is to be used: e.g., the temperature, the medium (water, gas, etc.) or the prevailing pressure. These values have to be manually transferred into an Endress+Hauser format. An AI model from sovanta replaces this manual process: Immediately after go-live, 60% of the data is already transferred automatically.

Frau mit Tablet

Asset Central Viewer

Transparency over the Life Cycle of Enterprise-Wide Assets via SAP Fiori

The replacement of an outdated but established solution for asset management was on the agenda. A new tool was to provide centralized and intuitive access to all assets produced in the individual product centers (50,000,000 +) as well as information on their product life cycle (maintenance and service events, documentation, etc.).


Workflow Management

New Home for Workflows with SAP Build Process Automation on the SAP Business Technology Platform

Until now, in-house developments have taken over workflow management in the company. However, the servers are outdated and internal IT wants to shut them down and move everything to the SAP Business Technology Platform, which is already being used successfully. To do this, the workflows of a globally active subsidiary are to be migrated first: A release process for sales conditions as well as a complex process for product adjustments involving up to 25 departments worldwide.


Re-order Process

Combination of operational figures (O-Data) and experience data (X-Data) reveals customer needs

Endress+Hauser wants to understand its customers even better in order to optimize the re-order process in the online store. To this end, operational customer data is to be combined with experience data on the purchasing experience. A customer can reorder a device via a fast re-order process by entering the serial number of the defective device in the search. This re-ordering process will now be monitored with Signavio PI and enriched with customer feedback via Qualtrics XM.


Customer Experience im Complaint Management

Implementation of another end-to-end process on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Endress+Hauser wants to further improve the customer experience and ensure greater transparency in complaint management. To this end, operational customer data is to be combined with experience data. A customer is asked for feedback during the complaint process via Qualtrics XM. This feedback is combined with the process KPIs in Signavio and recommendations for action in dealing with the customer are derived from it.

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