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WHY? Design Thinking

Design Thinking methods are essential to developing user-centric software. That’s why the real question is not why design thinking, but why user-centeredness? At sovanta, we deeply believe that only business software that offers users the best possible user experience has a lasting positive impact on the business. And the figures speak for themselves:


Every Euro invested in User Experience pays off 10 times in development and up to 100 times in operation.


1of 4 top reasons why software projects fail are problems that can be solved by UX (poorly defined requirements, weak communication, stakeholder policy)


User-Centered Design improves measurably in almost all aspects of software. Here are just a few key figures:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • More registrations
  • Fewer exits
  • Fewer help desk calls
  • Reduced training effort
  • Increased use of software
  • Time-saving for the user
  • Time savings in development
  • Reduction of errors
WHY? with sovanta

We know from over 100 workshops what it needs to make Design thinking for business solutions successful.

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Business expertise and deep understanding of IT projects in large organisations

We bring the experience of more than 250 business process-related projects to the table. We not only understood the processes but know how the solution can be integrated into your systems and how to organize this according to your roadmaps and product development processes.

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Business focussed setup & preparation

Good preparation is key to success, especially when it comes to setups where making time for workshops is not an easy task. We prepare the workshop remotely with the key stakeholders so that we don’t waste valuable workshop time for alignment and put all focus on the most beneficial solution - for the users AND the organization.

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Its about Design doing – put projects on track

We don’t stop when the workshop is over when the thinking part is done. Our aim and attitude are to get the energy from the workshop space on the street. This is why we never stop at ideas, we don’t leave a scene, until the team has a clear plan on how with whom and when to pursue the relevant next steps.

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Done and driven by Designers

It’s not pure moderation - we at sovanta put our designer's heart and energy and problem-solving skills into each workshop to contribute to the content. This is how we make a difference, creating an insightful journey leading to beneficial business solutions.

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Visualization & Prototyping are key

A really successful workshop solves a business problem and the participants leave with a smile on their faces and an artifact in their hands. Visible proof of the achieved goal and a trophy they can show around back in their offices. Therefore core design skills like visualization and prototyping are key to success and that is exactly what designers are trained for throughout their education. They can help to bring the team’s ideas to life in such a quality, that everyone is proud to share these results.

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We rely on German engineering skills

The adaption of the Design Thinking method to our working culture is key to our success. We strive to meet people where they are and help them to forget their inherent worries. This allows us to create a setting where the new tools, methods, and mindset unleash the creative power of the German engineering spirit.

HOW? – The Ingredients for a successful Design Thinking setting

The right people

Setting up a multidisciplinary team and creating the right mindset of creative openness, collaboration, and empathy for the end-users is the core of successful workshops. This s what our Design Thinking Coaches are here for.


A process with a plan

Creative tools and methods unleash the power of the group only if they are used the right way. Our coaches guide the group through the whole Design Thinking process: from understanding the root cause problem and the user's needs over finding the best fitting solution to finally evaluating the idea with prototypes.


An inspiring environment

The positive impact of the environment is one of the most underestimated factors of the success of Design Thinking workshops. Studies show that creative output drops 50% in a normal meeting room setup. That is why sovanta provides creative spaces in our locations in Heidelberg and Hamburg to set the scene right.


Tell us what your role and your major pain, that you are trying to solve is, and we will identify the right Workshop format to help you. Each challenge is a blank page and we will bring a fresh mind paired with deep expertise and enthusiasm to tackle your business challenge. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Design Thinking Workshop


Stuck projects? No idea how to get the project on track quickly? Requirements are not clearly defined? This is when Design Thinking for Business Solutions can help.

Design Scoping Workshop


The project framework has been defined and you want to get started as quickly as possible? But what are the costs for the entire implementation? With our Design Scoping Workshop, you create the basis for the ideal start into the project.

Business Model Innovation


You know how important a sustainable business model is to stay competitive tomorrow, but your day-to-day business doesn‘t allow you to deal with it? Start now with our Digital Business Model Innovation Workshop - because sheer size is no insurance against irrelevancy tomorrow.

Design Thinking Awareness


Your employees are resigned and unmotivated in their work? The strategic reorientation of your company has not yet reached a broad stage? Your organization is not innovative enough?

Demand Clarification Workshop


Do you want an offer? No problem - but first we want to understand your challenge, evaluate whether the desired solution is optimal and that you get to know us and our way of thinking and working - then we can talk about figures...

We invest our time in your business problem. Book your free demand clarification workshop now!

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