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How Journey Mapping works

Are you wondering how you can optimize processes for your employees, customers or applicants? Or are you perhaps not sure how and where you can best address tomorrow’s employees or customers? Then a journey mapping workshop is just right for you.

Understand the needs and expectations of your users

Journey mapping is elementary to understand users and, for example in experience management, to assign the feedback that customers or employees give to the right touchpoints of the respondents. That’s why we start a project with a journey mapping workshop. In this way, we help our customers better understand the importance of user experience at the various (digital) touchpoints with your company – regardless of who the target group is, whether customers, employees or applicants. We show how to identify the various relevant contact points with the user group and uncover the end-to-end user journey. Because this is the only way to optimize it.

To do this, we illuminate the current situation together with our customers in the workshop and focus on the underlying needs of the respective users. We create a basic user journey map, identify the moments that make the difference for users, and provide important advice on how to improve the user experience.

A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal.
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This is why a Journey Mapping Workshop with sovanta is worthwhile

  • Fast and efficient start into projects
  • Understanding of Journey Mapping as a method
  • Optimal approach for your project team
  • Combine your expertise with our expertise in Journey Mapping
  • Minimize the risk of poor user experience
  • Transparency for all connections between the different touch points and your IT systems
  • Basis for optimal user experience

Here’s how to get started right away …

Before the workshop:

Clarify the organizational internal questions in advance in the team. From your side, 3-5 participants should be present at the workshop. Set out the relevant personas before the workshop and record their current process. Gathering such information before the workshop creates transparency and allows us to jump right into the workshop.

In the workshop:

A design thinking coach from sovanta leads through the session. The goal is to focus on the users. To do this, we jointly define the various touchpoints at which the personas use the products for the first time. This draws a picture of the end-to-end user journey for each persona, from first contact to exit. We put ourselves in the users’ shoes and find out how good the user experience currently is and how it can be improved. It gets exciting at the points where the personas and the respective user journeys overlap.

After the workshop

Benefit directly from the results of the Journey Mapping Workshop. You will receive multi-level illustrations of the Journey, showing the different dimensions we have worked out. This way you can easily share the new understanding of the end-to-end user journey within your organization. The visual documentation for the workshop completes our package.

What happens after the Journey Mapping Workshop?

The next steps are entirely up to you. We are happy to support you by integrating appropriate feedback channels with Qualtrics XM based on the end-to-end user journey to gather feedback at critical touchpoints. We also implement user tests and other UX research methods for you and offer opportunities to make the UX at digital touchpoints measurable and comparable.

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Carolin Harms
Head of Design

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Carolin Harms is Head of Design at sovanta AG and manager of the Hamburg office. She has been working on optimizing the user experience of business software for more than 10 years.
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