Voice to text with Qualtrics XM Discover

Within XM Discover around 5,000 call center calls are being recorded, automatically transcribed and analyzed

Use Case: Voice to text with Qualtrics XM Discover
In a call center incoming calls must be classified by the agents immediately after the call according to the reason for the call. Until now, this classification has been based on the agent’s subjective perception. As a result, there is no clear classification; everyone defines the typ of call slightly differently. It is also often the case that there is more than one reason for one call. The solution lies in automating this process according to clearly defined criteria with the help of Qualtrics XM Discover.

Monitoring the live customer experience in two languages in combination with operational data

Three success factors of Voice to text with Qualtrics XM Discover:

  1. Identifies automatically call reasons, complaints, emotions and effort customers have during several touchpoints with the company (over time) along the customer journey.
  2. Evaluates the service quality of their call centers’ agents, identifying training and performance measurement opportunities
  3. Reduces call volume, as well as call duration by improving customer documentation based on new insight gains.

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Natural Language Processing technology within Qualtrics XM Discover

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