Use Qualtrics EX25 as an easy-to-configure Employee Engagement solution

Companies have understood the importance of employee surveys. However, holistic Employee Engagement programs are not yet standard everywhere. On the one hand, setting up and managing access to the employee surveys is typically time consuming. On the other hand, it is difficult to manage access to results and to drive organizational change. The Employee Engagement program is based on the EX25 solution from Qualtrics – implemented by sovanta.

Our Offering: We help to gain reliable feedback from employees

The EX25 solution contains a set of research-based questions that have corresponding industry benchmarks. As a long-time Qualtrics Partner, sovanta supports with advisement around question selection, dashboard design,  integration with the HR Information System, organizational hierarchy setup to enable role-based reporting, and also support with the communication strategy.

Benefit from our expertise developing tailored Employee Engagement programs for many top-performing global organizations.
Andrew White
Head of Experience Management, sovanta

Employee Engagement with Qualtrics EX25

Our XM Squad brings your Employee Engagement Program with Qualtrics EX25 to life:

  • Kick-off workshop
    Understand the organization, results from past employee surveys, strengths and weaknesses
  • Methodology
    Understand what is driving your KPIs (employee’s engagement, employee experiences vs expectations and their intention to stay)
  • Support
    Select drivers (e.g., trust in your manager; pay and compensation, communication) which help you explain the KPIs
  • Setup
    Surveys, survey invitations, organizational hierarchy, and dashboard design
  • Configure
    Integration between Qualtrics and your HRIS system (e.g., SuccessFactors)
  • Action planning
    Allow managers to collect ideas from their teams around how to improve and assign tasks

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Work with an end-to-end implementation partner

With sovanta’s team of multidisciplinary experts​, you benefit from one-on-one discussion with our experts, who ensure that you extract maximum value and meet your critical regulatory and legal requirements.

Interested in an Employee Engagement with Qualtrics EX25?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to show you our solution and explain how our XM Squad can help you to get started.

Andrew White
Head of Experience Management

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Andrew White is an experienced program lead with a demonstrated history of delivering successful data science and experience management projects across a range of industries. Skilled in data analysis and visualisation. Passionate about designing feedback mechanisms that inform organisational strategy.
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