Sustainability Control Tower provides ESG transparency  

Sustainability is one of the leading topics of the moment. There is no way around it for companies: Sustainability targets must be set, progress must be tracked and reports must be made. Have you already established a central ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting system within the company yet?

Properly positioned in terms of sustainability and circular economy

With its Sustainability Control Tower solution, SAP offers a powerful tool for recording actual values, creating auditable reports and tracking progress against defined sustainability targets.

Rely on central ESG reporting on the SAP BTP with the Sustainability Control Tower (SCT). SAP BTP acts as a hub for all kinds of corporate data and is therefore the perfect place for the SCT.
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Head of Data Science, sovanta AG

We help you to implement the SAP Sustainability Control Tower in your company. To do this, we introduce the solution to you, set it up initially and ensure a smooth data supply via your SAP BTP. There, we centrally consolidate all key figures from various SAP and non-SAP systems in order to calculate and report your ESG key figures.

How to get to your Sustainability Control Tower in just three steps:

  1. Demo
    We will guide you through a demo of the Sustainability Control Tower, showing how it works and what it means for your business.
  2. Setup
    Initial setup of the Sustainability Control Tower on a SAP BTP subaccount of your company.
  3. Data
    Loading of company-specific raw data to calculate and report ESG key figures. SAP Datasphere provides the automatic data supply.

Rely on a centralized ESG reporting tool before many different ESG reports appear in the company

By using the SAP Sustainability Control Tower, you benefit from reporting templates along valid or expected legislation. In this way, you report key figures that are calculated transparently and comprehensibly. And of course, you can also include the ESG key figures in apps on SAP BTP and integrate the topic of sustainability into your central data strategy. We would be happy to show you how you can optimally use the sovanta Innovation Factory for SAP BTP for this purpose.

sovanta Innovation Factory for SAP BTP

Benefit from the advantages of thesovanta Innovation Factory for SAP BTP! Does this sound familiar to you? New requests from various departments arrive in your team faster than you can …

Sounds interesting?

Please contact us and we will find out together how you can use the Sustainability Control Tower optimally. In addition to the basic setup, we are also happy to support you with our entire portfolio as a long-standing SAP partner and member of the SAP AppHaus Network:

  • With different workshop formats we help you to document the sustainability processes in your company, for example in SAP Signavio.
  • In the further course, the use of SAP Build Process Automation is an option, since system-based workflows can contribute significantly to more efficient data collection.
  • And there’s more to come in terms of reporting, too. Evaluate ESG key figures in further analyses, for example, via SAP Analytics Cloud.
Tommi Kramer: Data Science
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Chief AI Officer

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Dr. Tommi Kramer is responsible for Data Science at sovanta AG. Together with his team, he works on innovative approaches around machine learning and thus develops intelligent models for the optimization of business processes.
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