Performance Review & Management

Defining & achieving performance targets

Making career planning transparent and fun

Building a high-performance culture requires a regular exchange of information that is simple and fun. This is where a performance review & management tool that is scaled down and tailored specifically to the needs of the company comes in. Instead of struggling with an unwieldy tool in addition to their day-to-day business, HR managers, executives, and employees have the capacity and desire to improve together through dynamic cooperation.

Ensure acceptance for your performance review & management tool

Add-ons for SAP

The right use of SAP systems and add-ons in the right places are what make or break a tool.

Straightforward & simple

Reduced to the bare essentials: Performance reviews focus on the content rather than on the software used.

KPIs & analytics

Gaining insight and initiating appropriate measures to empower employees has never been easier.

We enable companies to work more effectively with SAP software

Solutions from us are already in use here.

Performance Development Tool for adidas

sovanta AG is a modern and forward-looking company. And it is not alone in this; many of the largest international organizations act in an equally sustainable and dynamic manner. This …

adidas Success Story

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