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Experience SAP Podcast: How was our journey as sovanta America Inc. so far?

In the dynamic landscape of business expansion, every venture into uncharted territory marks a significant milestone. sovanta America Inc. is the latest chapter in our exciting journey. But why did we expand to the US, and why now? What factors led sovanta to choose America as its next strategic frontier and what do we bring to the American market? What distinguishes our approach from others and what were the key challenges encountered during the setup phase? From the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to the dynamic realm of Qualtrics (XM), we are on a mission to bring our expertise to the American market. This Podcast episode is a review: What were those first months like in America?

We’re not just here to build something and then we’re out of here. We understand that the SAP BTP is a journey.
Cody Wedl
President, sovanta America Inc.

This time in focus: sovanta America Inc.

In this episode of the Experience SAP Podcast host Christian Heinrich and his guest, Cody Wedl, President, sovanta America Inc. sum up the first few months in the US market. From navigating through a maze of legal structures, scouting prime locations, and setting up state-of-the-art office spaces, our journey was not without obstacles. How did we ensure alignment with multinational customers, providing a seamless experience from start to finish? What makes sovanta the ideal partner for American businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey and how can American customers connect with sovanta and engage in our services? And how do we adapt our services and strategies to accommodate the varying levels of technological maturity among American businesses? What lies ahead and as we look back in 12 months’ time what highlights stand out?

From creating tangible solutions to empowering customers with the right framework and paving the way for long-term partnerships, we are on our way to redefine the digital landscape. And amidst it all, sovanta remains steadfast in its mission – to provide an experience that transcends industries and a human-centered design approach that bridges the gap between old and new.

Join us as we embark on this adventure, shaping the future of digital transformation. Tune in now!

Podcast | Episode 17 | 37:36 minutes

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The guest:

Cody Wedl is Head of Business Development at sovanta and in this role responsible for our strong partnership with SAP and Qualtrics XM. As President of sovanta America Inc. he is also building up our location in Newtown Square, USA.

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