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Experience SAP Podcast: How can technology help banks and insurers?

No industry can avoid digitization. The banking and insurance industry must be particularly innovative and have its finger on the pulse. Modern fintechs continue to put pressure on the big players in the market to keep up with the latest trends and, above all, not to lose touch in the area of technology. This makes the sector very interesting for us, of course, because this is precisely where we can provide support with our offerings around the SAP portfolio. But how exactly can technology help banks and insurance companies to tackle current challenges?

In the case of banks and insurance companies, we have a special feature: the companies are already known as brands, which means that it is not possible to separate the customer experience and the employee experience 100 percent. Perhaps the first touchpoint with the future employer was as a customer in online banking. This is a huge opportunity for banks and insurance companies to win through the right tooling, for example in recruiting.
Michael Kern
Board Member, sovanta AG

Was for Talents, Cloud and ChatGPT

That’s exactly what this episode of the Experience SAP Podcast is about. This time, Christian Heinrich has invited an expert from SAP in addition to Michael Kern from sovanta. As Head of Customer Advisory SAP Germany for the Financial Service Industry (FSI), Peter Mortensen brings a customer perspective: What makes banks and insurance companies tick? How does the rise in interest rates affect the willingness to invest in IT? What requirements do customers have when moving from ECC to S4/HANA? What do they think about the question of public or private cloud? The conversation ultimately revolves around the core question of how technology can help banks and insurance companies to focus on their core business. In addition to the necessary support in recruiting, the improvement of the employee experience via lightweight surveys, intelligent assistants and automation of recurring tasks are also possible levers to achieve a competitive advantage with a manageable investment. The experts reveal exactly how this can look in this podcast episode. And of course, as always, the offer stands: If you are interested in a direct exchange with the experts on the topic, please get in touch!

Podcast | Episode 13 | 55:35 minutes

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The Guests:

Peter Mortensen is Head of Customer Advisory at SAP Germany for the Financial Service Industry (FSI). In his role, he is in constant exchange with customers, identifying new trends and evaluating how they create potential added value.

As a member of the Executive Board at sovanta AG, Michael Kern is responsible for all operational topics. In addition, his focus is on the digitalization of HR processes and he supports customers from a wide range of industries in the correct use of SAP SuccessFactors & Co.

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