Do not take unnecessary risks: ETX for transformation projects.

Everyone talks about transformation and its significance for a company’s success. However, there are frequent reports of large-scale transformation projects failing. What are the reasons for this? At what point does the traditional project approach reach its limits? And how can one avoid the failure of such investment-intensive projects?

Representative feedback from employees can uncover these stumbling blocks early on and facilitate an adapted, well-communicated, and successful change in strategy. How? Read about it in our Solution Brief.

Employee Technology Experience (ETX) as feedback channel for all Stakeholder

  • Challenge:
    Transformation projects are considered as “to big too fail” – How to avoid taking risks?
  • Solution:
    ETX for your transformation – Ensure that your transformation project achieves the desired impact
  • Benefit:
    Early warning system, integrated feedback channel and expectation management – With the sovanta ETX solution, you get exactly what you need.
  • How to:
    Implement our ready-to-use solution ETX for RISE with SAP. Activation and enablement of the solution takes days, not weeks or even months.

Download the Solution Brief on now:

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