A spirit of optimism at DSAG JK 2023

Once again this year, the DSAG invited to the “class reunion” of the SAP community. Our BTP Squad was out and about in Bremen for three days and, besides many presentations and great conversations at our sovanta booth, of course they did not miss the legendary DSAG party. One week after the event, our colleagues have reviewed the fair and share their impressions with us.

The SAP Community awakens

Christian, Member of the Board: Positive, curious, motivated – that’s how you can describe the SAP community at the DSAG Jahreskongress. But I also think it is great to see that people are critical of each other. I believe this is absolutely right and important, for example, when it comes to the question of innovation in the on Premise environment. At the same time, the event was able to create a real atmosphere of optimism. For me, the second day started off strongly with a combination of clear and critical voices in the presentation by Thomas Henzler, DSAG Board Member for Purchasing, Production, Supply Change Management, Sales & Marketing, and then a real spirit of optimism arose in the direction of transformation through the presentation by Christine Grimm, DSAG Board Member for Transformation and Sustainability.

sovanta 3x on Stage

Lisa: ETX as an early warning system for transformation projects

Nicole, Client Partner: The agenda was once again very impressive this year. And our three sovanta presentations successfully conveyed our current core topics: BTP, CoE, AI & ETX. The presentations were very well attended and the feedback afterwards at our booth was consistently positive. Of course, most of the conversations revolved around SAP BTP CoE and AI at BTP. But my personal highlight was the presentation by my colleague Lisa Schneider on our product ETX for RISE with SAP. The topic of “transformation” is currently driving many companies and we have the right companion with our early warning system – so you don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Content that lasts

Larissa, Senior Data Scientist: The Keynote and the Talks by Christine Grimm, DSAG Board Member for Transformation and Sustainability, still remain in my mind. I think her statement that sustainability is not something that comes to us “all of a sudden” was very to the point. And her call to simply get started and be open to change and transformation will hopefully be followed by many people. Apart from that, a lot of the talks revolved around SAP BTP Enablement CoE and of course no event currently misses the topic of AI. This of course fits in well with the sovanta agenda and we quickly identified many points of contact.

In conversation with customers

Tommi, Head of Data Science: I was delighted that we were able to provide so many decisive impulses at the DSAG Jahreskongress and that we are part of the spirit of optimism that can be felt everywhere. After our presentation on AI at the SAP BTP with the ITZBund, many companies approached with concrete project inquiries about AI-supported process automation on BTP. You can also feel a clear desire for innovation and transformation, especially in the public sector. I’m excited to see what else will happen.

Tommi and Larissa: How does AI go right on BTP?

Conclusion: There is a movement in the SAP community

Akin, Head of Customer Engagement: The exchange of ideas in large groups with around 5,000 participants at the DSAG Jahreskongress is important for the entire SAP community. What are the trends? What is your current state? How do others deal with the challenges? The numerous discussions showed that the need for the cloud has arrived in most minds. Companies want to start, but do not yet know exactly how. With the sovanta Innovation Factory, we already provided the right solutions for many challenges, in order to support our (future) customers in getting started on SAP BTP. No matter if SAP BTP CoE, AI and Data or Extensions – it has become clear that the BTP Squad is ready to accompany the next steps. Feel free to talk to us about it!

sovanta Innovation Factory at DSAG Jahrekongress
Akin Artimac: Customer Engagement
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