Your Personal Guide through the World of AI & Automation 

There is hardly any business field where the question of whether and how one can benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation is not currently being discussed. AI experts are needed to clarify what is possible (and what is not) with AI, where the use of AI is truly beneficial, and how processes can be automated step by step. 

Infusion Talk: AI and Automation

But do all companies have in-house AI experts? Our experience shows that there is great interest in these topics, but expertise often needs to be built. Therefore, our experts from the sovanta AI & Data Lab offer a short and non-binding infusion on these topics. The goal is for your team to gain insights into the terms related to AI and Process Automation, as well as impulses for possible use cases. 

We get your team up to speed with the latest Artificial Intelligence and Automation technologies.
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Head of AI & Data, sovanta AG

What’s behind the offer? 

In a prep call, we first find out together at what knowledge level your team is. Where can we help with our experience? This question helps our experts to optimize the infusion to the team’s needs optimally. 

2-hour Infusion Talk (remote or onsite): An expert from the sovanta AI & Data Lab provides exclusive insights into the possibilities of AI and Automation. We discuss trending topics such as Low Code (SAP Build Process Automation), ChatGPT, and classical machine learning models. Additionally, we bring reference examples from projects to showcase the power of AI and Automation in practice. Finally, we plan enough time for a Q&A session and address the team’s questions. Afterwards, you’ll receive a summary for documentation. 

Benefit from many years of Expertise in AI & Automation 

Our experts share their extensive experience in the field of AI & Automation with you, providing you with in-depth knowledge firsthand. Our goal is to make your team proficient in modern technologies. You’ll also gain valuable insights and ideas for possible AI use cases in your company. The infusion is an initial introduction to the team. We are happy to build on that and work with you in a workshop format to develop your individual use cases. With our AI Starter, we then implement a first AI use case with you. Does that sound exciting? 

Tommi Kramer: Data Science
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Chief AI Officer

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Dr. Tommi Kramer is responsible for Data Science at sovanta AG. Together with his team, he works on innovative approaches around machine learning and thus develops intelligent models for the optimization of business processes.
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