Discover the possibilities with Generative AI and SAP

ChatGPT, Aleph Alpha and Co. are omnipresent in the media. So it’s not surprising that our customers are also intensively dealing with the topic of Generative AI – especially in the context of the developments that the topic is currently taking in the SAP community. What is possible with Generative AI? And where does the use of ChatGPT and Co. reach its limits in the business context? We will clarify this with a Discovery Workshop.

Discovery Workshop: Is GenAI the solution for everything?

But with all the hype around Generative AI, it’s important to recognize: Large Language Models (LLMs) are not the right solution for every use case. To help select the right application for Generative AI, the sovanta Data Science team has developed a short workshop format. In three hours, learn the basics of LLMs as well as the risks and limitations. Bring your own use case and together we will find out if Generative AI is the right technology or if a specialized machine learning model would be more effective. 

The truth about ChatGPT in the B2B context (EN)

Since its public announcement in November 2022, ChatGPT has rapidly gained several million of users worldwide. ChatGPTs outstanding performance on a bunch of language understanding tasks and in testing with …

These questions will be answered in the GenAI Discovery Workshop:

  • The power of GenAI
    What are the strengths of Generative AI? What are typical use cases for ChatGPT and Co?
  • Limitations of Generative AI
    Where does Generative AI reach its limits? What is the technology simply not suitable for?
  • Risks using Generative AI
    What do you have to watch out for? What role does data protection play and are there DSAG-compliant approaches? We will also take a look at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act.
  • Generative AI or classic ML?
    In addition to Generative AI, we will also look at traditional Machine Learning models.

Learn all about Generative AI from experienced Data Scientists

Learn the basics of Large Language Models. And put your individual use case to the test: Is Generative AI really the right technology? After the workshop, your team will be perfectly prepared for the use of Generative AI and will also know the risks and limitations of the technology. Together, we also look beyond the ChatGPT horizon and evaluate the possibilities of Machine Learning & Co. in the SAP environment with your team.

That sounds interesting?

Just bring your team and your own use cases and we will evaluate how to implement them in a meaningful way. Of course, we will also plan enough time for your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tommi Kramer: Data Science
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Chief AI Officer

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Dr. Tommi Kramer is responsible for Data Science at sovanta AG. Together with his team, he works on innovative approaches around machine learning and thus develops intelligent models for the optimization of business processes.
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