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UX Design Podcast: Why can’t companies ignore the topic of UX Maturity?

We often observe in the market that some companies excel at providing seamless and, above all, excellent user experiences, while others, despite promising products or services, significantly lag behind user expectations. It is clear that in the fast-paced business world, it is inevitable for companies to focus on delivering the optimal user experience. This raises questions about how to define a company’s maturity in the field of user experience and why this is a critical factor for business success. It all revolves around a company’s UX Maturity. What exactly does this term mean? And how can companies enhance their UX Maturity to stay competitive in a fiercely contested market?

Whether a company dares to develop together with end users says a lot about the maturity level of user experience in an organization.
Christian Schäfer
Head of Design, sovanta AG

The focus this time: UX, UX Maturity & Human Centered Design

In this episode of the sovanta UX Design podcast the host Timo Eising talks with the sovanta UX experts Sophia Hölz and Christian Schäfer about the importance of UX maturity and practical strategies that can help companies increase their UX maturity. Christian and Sophia explain why not only UX designers are involved in the process of achieving the optimal user experience and how the entire UX spectrum has evolved over time. In particular, the concept of human-centered design comes into focus, emphasizing the importance of a user-centered approach to shaping user experience. Additionally, we investigate whether every company should aim for the highest level of UX Maturity and what it even means to work in a user-centric manner. Moreover, there are intriguing insights into practical implementation from our sovanta AppHaus, and the UX experts reveal the critical success factors for a successful user experience.

Podcast | Episode 8 | 41:27 minutes

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Our guests this time:

Sophia Hölz has been at sovanta for three years. Starting as an intern, then progressing to a working student, she is now actively engaged as a UX designer. Her focus lies in UX research, methods, and strategy, always placing the users’ needs at the forefront of her work.

Christian Schäfer is Head of Design at sovanta and has been part of the Heidelberg UX team for twelve years. He is responsible for strategic UX consulting, guiding clients on their journey towards becoming a user-centered organization.

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