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UX Design Podcast: How to implement New Work the right way

The term “New Work” has been circulating in the corporate landscape for several years now. Coined by Frithjof Bergmann in the 1980s, New Work stands for the work of the future. The focus is on independence, freedom and, above all, the joy of work. Today, all of this is no longer mere theory, but can be implemented in every company. How? Karsten Franz, New Work Scout at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, tells us in this podcast episode.

For me, the Design Thinking method fits super well with New Work. One is made for the other.
Karsten Franz
New Work Scout, Heidelberger Druckmachinen

This time in focus: New Work and meaningful work

This episode of the sovanta UX Design Podcast has two new features: Firstly, with Karten Franz, New Work Scout at Heidelberger Druckmachinen host Timo Eising has invited his first guest from outside sovanta to join the conversation. Secondly, the podcast was not recorded in our studio, but in Karsten Franz’s van. In other words, it was the perfect setup to dive into the topic of New Work and the importance of a change in perspective when working. To do this, the two of them ask themselves some central questions: What means New Work? What role do the people, the tools & methods, and the spaces play in New Work? And what happens if you leave out one of the three elements? How can managers communicate New Work correctly? And can and should every company really implement New Work across the board? Karsten Franz reveals his 7 Do’s for successfully implementing New Work in the company and also explains why Purpose, as the basic motivation for each and every one of us, is important. Clearly: You should not miss this episode!

Podcast | Episode 6 | 44:00 minutes | German

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About the guest:

Karsten Franz has been a New Work Scout in the Digital Unit at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen for four years, working closely with other companies that are also facing the challenge of New Work. With his experience in IT, sales and agile projects, he helps to implement New Work correctly and promote meaningful work. He is also a lecturer at the DHBW.

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