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Intelligent and intuitive solutions for customer service

Help your customer service team cope with the influx of inquiries

The customer service department has long had to contend with a wide range of challenges, such as multiple and different inbound channels for orders, queries, and so on, as well as high expectations when it comes to handling inquiries that can be quite complex. The advance of digitization, which has been exacerbated by the Corona pandemic, has led to a further escalation in the level of customer expectations. Customers in the B2C sector have grown accustomed to receiving prompt and personalized support. By offering intelligent self-services, chatbots, and customer portals, we help you apply the requirements from the B2C world to your customer service.

Put your trust in intuitive & intelligent solutions for your customer service team

High customer loyalty

Turn your customers into fans by handling queries quickly and expertly and always providing the right answers.

Save time

Support your team in just the right place and free up resources to deal with the more challenging queries.

Stay on trend

Don’t be left behind by the shift towards the use of artificial intelligence and conversational UIs – talk to our experts about it now.

We help companies work more effectively with SAP software

Here are some of our solutions already in use.

Automation in customer service for Atlas Copco

“Thanks to automation with by sovanta, more employees can turn to difficult service cases instead of mindlessly filing service tickets. In addition, is more accurate and less error-prone.” (Jessica Felkel, Manager Service bei AtlasCopco)

Customer Service Ticketing

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