Experience Management mit Qualtrics

Experience management with the Qualtrics XM platform

Create experiences knowing that this is how you will be measured

Everyone has experiences and makes decisions based on these. In our digital world, companies can use this to their advantage better than ever before: With an experience management program with Qualtrics XM, you collect user insights at all relevant touch points and find out what your customers and employees really want. By combining these insights with operational numbers, you can make sustainable, data-driven decisions. Together with our partner Qualtrics, we successfully implement XM programs from A to Z.

Benefit from valuable user insights, thanks to Experience Management with Qualtrics.

Customer experience

Just how well does the customer feel supported by your digital services? Take action and strengthen customer loyalty.

Employee experience

How satisfied are employees with self-services and employee portals? Find out and turn your employees into fans.

Technology experience

How is the use of new technology perceived? Increase the acceptance of your tools in the workforce.

We help companies work more effectively with SAP software

Here are some of our solutions already in use.


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Cody Wedl is responsible for our strong partnership with SAP and Qualtrics XM. As President of sovanta America Inc. he is also building up our location in Newtown Square, USA.
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