Service Ticket Automation über Machine-Learning-Modell

Service Ticket Automation with ML

Automate email categorization: Advanced machine learning on SAP BTP assigns incoming emails to service queues, reducing manual effort.

Use Case: Service Ticket Automation with ML
Service units receive hundreds of e-mails every day from customers, patients or employees regarding a wide variety of concerns (e.g., orders, inquiries, complaints, clarifications and much more). Reading through the emails and then assigning them to the relevant service departments causes an enormous manual effort for service staff. The solution to this is a advanced machine learning model that automatically assigns incoming emails to the relevant service queue.

Reducing the workload of customer service representatives by reducing manual effort

Three success factors for service ticket automation:

  1. Increased efficiency and accuracy in the allocation of incoming customer emails.
  2. Ensuring a high level of process automation.
  3. SAP BTP represents the ideal integration and automation environment.

Industrial Manufacturing

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