SAP Fiori Makers Boot Camp – fast & effective

Many companies already rely on SAP Fiori to quickly build applications with a good user experience. However, in order to exploit the full potential of SAP Fiori, a deeper look into the SAP Fiori world is often required, which in turn costs a lot of time. As a result, SAP Fiori is still the way to solutions with a good user experience, but companies lose out on the speed that the SAP standard is supposed to deliver. As SAP Fiori experts, we can provide support here. In just four days, we will help you develop completely new concepts for implementing your individual use cases in Fiori in an interactive boot camp format.

SAP Fiori in fast-forward: In 4 days to your suitable SAP Fiori concept

We bring together a small interdisciplinary team of experts for four days to work on two to four use cases. The team consists of end users, business owners, developers and designers. Together, we follow the Design Driven Development approach: first, we look at the problem together and create a persona for each use case. We then develop a user story that reflects an every day problem of this persona. On this basis, the application is designed on a whiteboard with all its functions that can solve the problem.

We follow the Design Driven Development Approach.

If everyone agrees with the concept, the designer in the team converts the drawing into a click dummy using a professional mockup tool. This is then tested by an uninvolved end user. Parallel to the user test, the developers start implementing the design in a PoC. The boot camp concludes with a presentation of all the assets developed for each use case to the management.

The ideal boot camp line-up:

  • Your End User (very important!)
  • Your Business Owners
  • Your Developer (SAP UI5 skills required)
  • sovanta SAP Fiori Design Experts
  • sovanta Product Owner / choosen Experts
  • Optional: sovanta SAP Fiori Elements Experts
  • Optional: sovanta Developer

Save time and money with the SAP Fiori Makers Bootcamp!

The Fiori Makers Bootcamp is your fast track to customized SAP Fiori applications.

  • Fast and individual
    Bring 2-4 use cases to the boot camp and we help you implement them quickly and tailored to your challenge.
  • Direct user involvement
    With users as participants in the boot camp, solutions are created that are tailored to the real problems of end users.
  • SAP Fiori Style
    We stay completely within the standard and guarantee a consistent user experience across all applications.
  • 100% standard
    By using standard elements from SAP Fiori Elements, you save a massive amount of time and budget.
  • Fun with SAP Fiori
    Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere in the collaborative workshop format, the team spends intensive, but also exciting and entertaining days.
Consistency across all digital products*


We would be happy to introduce you to the SAP Fiori Makers Bootcamp with sovanta experts in a personal meeting.

Cody Wedl
Head of Business Development | President sovanta America Inc.

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Cody Wedl is responsible for our strong partnership with SAP and Qualtrics XM. As President of sovanta America Inc. he is also building up our location in Newtown Square, USA.
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