SAP BTP Governance mit SAP BTP CoE

SAP BTP Governance with SAP BTP CoE

Reviewing all SAP BTP activities: This is how a suitable strategy for subsequent projects is developed

Use Case: SAP BTP Governance with SAP BTP CoE
The unstructured use of SAP BTP can quickly lead to unchecked growth. As a central platform for integration, extension, and innovation, many things are possible on the BTP – they just need to be directed in the right channels. To achieve this, the sovanta BTP experts, together with the IT team, develop a SAP BTP strategy in a workshop, establish a SAP BTP Center of Excellence (CoE), and optimize the SAP BTP governance structure.​

Transparency regarding all necessary activities and the required resources for them

Three success factors of the SAP BTP Governance with SAP BTP CoE:

  1. Defining responsibilities in the field of application management ​
  2. Establishment of a stable foundation for all subsequent projects ​
  3. Consultation on all essential elements within the SAP BTP​

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