Product Configuration with AI

Statistical algorithms suggest a final configuration to buyers in the B2B web shop after just a few steps.

Use Case: Product Configuration with AI
To buy a complex product online, buyers usually have to click through each feature one by one using a configurator. An algorithm can significantly shorten this process: It compares all non-configured features, analyzes historical shopping carts, and suggests the feature with the highest information content in order to reach the end of the configuration faster.​

Automatic detection of the configuration that is preferred most by the user. As a result:

Three success factors of the Product Configuration with AI:

  1. Significantly improved user experience: on average 60% fewer clicks to complete a product configuration​
  2. Potentially more completed purchases: smaller barriers for buyers to order products online​
  3. The algorithm reflects the current preferences of the buyers​

Industrial Manufacturing

Customer / Webshop User

SAP BTP, SAP HANA, Python, Akamai

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