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Experience SAP Podcast: Why do you need a specialized partner for SAP BTP?

SAP BTP offers companies a comprehensive range of services and features they need to successfully drive the digital transformation. However, despite all this, the digital transformation with SAP BTP is not an easy job. It requires expertise, experience, and a clear strategy. Therefore, a specialized partner for SAP BTP is needed to fully leverage the platform’s potential. A specialized partner ensures that the BTP is not only seen as a technology platform but as a strategic instrument that helps companies achieve business goals and differentiate themselves in the market. In a constantly changing technological environment, such a specialized partner – like sovanta – is therefore invaluable.

Without SAP BTP, companies will not be able to progress in the future. And if a company wants to successfully utilize SAP BTP, it needs structure, setup, and of course, continuous development.
Michael Kern
Board Member, sovanta

This time in focus: Special Partner for SAP BTP

This episode of the Experience SAP Podcast is an SAP BTP special episode. Host Christian Heinrich and his guest, Michael Kern, Board Member at sovanta, delve into the question of the benefits that a partnership with BTP specialists bring to companies. How can BTP special partners become a true engine of innovation for a company? How does their expertise and deep understanding of BTP help to fully leverage the platform’s potential? And how are tailored solutions developed that precisely meet the individual requirements of the company? Why is it important to focus on long-term partnerships? How do internal competency teams in the company benefit from the external perspective and experience of a partner? Why is a unified strategy and governance structure indispensable? And how does an SAP BTP CoE (Center of Excellence) help?

The two experts are certain: collaborating with a specialized Partner for SAP BTP is the key to successful digital transformation. From implementation to optimization, experts are on hand to help achieve business goals. Through their innovation, they can assist companies in maximizing the benefits of the BTP and ensuring long-term success. Tune in now to learn more.

Podcast | Episode 16 | 33:43 minutes | German only

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The guest:

Michael Kern, who serves as a board member at sovanta AG, is responsible for all operational matters. Additionally, his focus lies on the digitalization of HR processes, and he assists clients from various industries in the proper utilization of SAP SuccessFactors, SAP BTP, and more.

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