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Experience SAP Podcast: Trends, challenges and innovative solutions in HXM

Human Resources faces a multitude of challenges and opportunities in 2024. One thing is clear: companies must confront massive changes and trends in HR to remain successful. How can organizations adapt and evolve? What is the key to successful efficiency improvement in HR? And which innovations, tools, and platforms play a crucial role in the SAP environment? All these questions concern companies, and sovanta and SAP HXM experts provide the appropriate answers.

If we manage to make HR employees’ time more efficient with our solutions, then the company will benefit enormously. AI is an absolute game changer here.
Lukas Förster
Head of HXM SuccessFactors, SAP Germany

This time the focus is on technologies and tools to create a future-proof HXM

In this podcast episode Christian Heinrich and his guest Lukas Förster, Head of HXM SuccessFactors of SAP Germany, cast a glance into the future of HR and delve into the question which challenges and trends HR will face in 2024. How can companies ensure that they keep pace with major market changes and that employees enthusiastically embrace the transformation? Are there ways for companies to reduce costs while improving the human experience? What role does Artificial Intelligence (AI) play in today’s workplace, and what does the near future look like? How can tools like Joule and GenAI contribute to increasing efficiency in the company? And, of course, the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as an innovation platform cannot be missing, as it helps enhancing User Experience in applications and effectively manage HR processes. Because the SAP motto “Keep the Core clean” also applies to HR topics.

Lukas Förster talks about tools and technologies that play a crucial key role regarding managing the latest challenges in HR. Based on his work experience with customers – especially in the SAP SuccessFactors department – he gives practical insights and advice for companies. Tune in now!

Podcast | Episode 15 | 43:53 minutes | German only

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The Guest:

Lukas Förster has been at SAP for twelve years, is Head of HXM SuccessFactors at SAP Germany since November 2023 and a member of the Management Board. He is responsible for the SAP SuccessFactors department and brings extensive knowledge about the latest HXM topics.

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