SAP BTP ermöglicht nachhaltiges und effizientes Vertragsmanagement.

Contract Management on SAP BTP

Revolution in contract management through multi-tenancy extension on SAP BTP.

Use Case: Contract Management on SAP BTP
Often, the need for contracts as well as desired changes are communicated manually via e-mails and consequently processed in manual steps. This also applies to the resulting (onward) billing. The resulting inefficiency of the processes as well as difficulties in achieving volume discounts are the consequences. The solution is a sustainable concept for efficient management of group-wide contracts, which is developed using SAP BTP as an integration and enhancement platform.​

Simple license management and transparent overview of all requirements

Three success factors of the Contract Management on SAP BTP:

  1. Central management of group-wide contracts facilitates monitoring, analysis and reporting.​
  2. Seamless integration of (onward) billing ensures accurate and timely accounting, which contributes to a better overview of the financial aspects.​
  3. The developing BTP app serves as a blueprint for quickly and efficiently implementing developments on the BTP in the future.



SAP BTP (CAP), SAPUI5 (Fiori), S/4, ECC

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