Candidate Experience Management

Win the War for Talent

How does the job seeker feel about the application process? What are possible reasons that drive talent into the hands of competitors?

Every encounter between you and potential candidates matters. Ensure that your recruiting & onboarding experiences provide potential and new employees  a positive and motivating experience.

Why Does this Matter?

63% of applicants say that they do not simply apply to a company, but the company also needs to apply to the applicant. However, 83% of applicants say that companies are still following traditional, antiquated hiring processes.
(Source: Public study from Philipps University in Marburg)

And it is precisely these companies that lose out in the long run in the war for talent because the needs of applicants are not reflected in the recruiting process.

Here are the top 3 aspects that candidates complain about:


Transparency is unfortunately missing

The communication gaps between the steps of the process are too long.


Applicants are not numbers

Anonymity during the application process is perceived as unpleasant


Errors cannot be in the process

‘Bugs’ in the application process such as an error message when uploading documents, or lack of confirmation.

Don’t lose out on gaining top talent!

Get feedback from applicants within the process and respond directly to possible shortcomings in your application process.

As one of Qualtrics' 3 Candidate Experience Management partners in Europe, we show you how!

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We help you understand the needs of your candidates.
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Step 1
Candidate Journey Mapping

You cannot improve what you do not know!
Be sure that you ‘walk a mile in their shoes’. To begin with, it is important to know the path that the candidate goes through until he or she is hired by the company. This is done in a >> Journey Mapping Workshop by sovanta.

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Step 2
Touchpoint definition

Identify the key pain points to improve!
Whether it is application software itself or how the offer is provided, identifying the different touchpoints that matter with a brief workshop will enable you to gain essential feedback to improve.

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Step 3
Survey Design & Integration

What do you want to know from your candidates?
What is the right approach? The proper tone and type of survey makes applicants feel comfortable providing feedback. Our survey experts and UX designers implement the right approach and can integrate a streamlined approach with your HCM system. >> Read more

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Step 4
Dashboard Delivery

Ensure you have the most relevant data at your disposal.
What good is all the candidate feedback if it is not provided in a way so that you can analyze the results and make informed decisions for a better candidate experience. Read more about >> Data Visualization by sovanta.

Video Demo

What can a Candidate Experience Management program look like? In a short demo, we illustrated the feedback moments in SAP Success Factors for you.

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White Paper

What is involved in Candidate Experience Management? In a paper, our experts have shed light on the various aspects for you. (German only)

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On Stage at SAP NOW

In this interview sovanta COO Michael Kern explains how SAP Success Factors and Candidate Experience work successfully together. (German only)

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