Mobile Sales App

Supporting sales employees at the customer site

Support your sales team with a mobile sales app

Sales representatives are usually cut off from all relevant digital sources when they are at the customer site. As a result, there is a lot of office work to catch up on in the CRM system following customer visits: planning upcoming tasks, following up on the customer visit, maintaining special conditions, and creating new contacts. With a mobile sales app, the sales representative can deal with all activities related to the customer visit on the go. Thanks to our add-ons for SAP CRM, the established standard software allows your sales team working at the customer site to really shine.

Reap the benefits of a mobile sales app

High customer loyalty

You will feel well prepared at the customer site and have access to all the data and information you need.

Access from anywhere

Access the data you need quickly and easily whether from the train, from home, or from the meeting itself.

Improved data quality

Avoid duplicate maintenance and process data records when it matters most.

We help companies work more effectively with SAP software

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