UX messen, vergleichen und verbessern

We accompany you through the transformation

The early warning system for RISE with SAP, SuccessFactors implementation & Co.

Transparency and communication are the keys to a successful transformation. But how do you ensure that all stakeholders are adequately informed, motivated and empowered at all stages of the project? And how well do users evaluate new solutions? Employee Technology Experience, ETX for short, is the solution. Our solutions are based on Qualtrics XM and provide optimal support for a transformation project, uncovering hurdles at an early stage and always involving all stakeholders. This means that you are always in the driver’s seat during the transformation and do not run the risk of failure during the project.

ETX brings transparency to your transformation project

ETX Readiness Assesment

Before things really get started, you should be sure that your team is also ready for the upcoming transformation.

Pre-Configured Surveys

Questionnaires and dashboards are available for each critical touchpoint during the transformation.

UX Score shows weaknesses

How good is a digital solution really? With the UX Score, you can uncover weak points of a solution based on user feedback.

We help companies work more effectively with SAP software

Here, solutions from us are already in use.


ETX, the X-Factor for your transformation project Complex and cost-intensive transformation projects effect an entire organization and have the stigma of “too big to fail”. Companies need to ensure that …

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