UX messen, vergleichen und verbessern

Measuring, comparing, and improving the user experience

Offer your users a top user experience

User experience has many facets: In addition to the usability of a digital product, aesthetics, emotions, and technical aspects play a decisive role. Only by examining an application from the user’s perspective can you find out whether it is really good and where the investment in optimizations is worthwhile. With the UX Score by sovanta® tool, we enable you to quantitatively measure and improve UX, and together with a qualitative UX Audit, we provide clear optimization recommendations.

Your application on the 360-degree test bench to measure & improve the UX

Spot trends

Compare the performance of your application after each update and make improvements visible.

Strengths and weaknesses

Combine quantitative and qualitative methods to examine all areas of your applications.

Quick and easy

Whether you choose the UX Audit or UX Score tool, you won’t waste time and will work with UX experts on an equal footing.

We help companies work more effectively with SAP software

Here are some of our solutions already in use.

UX Audit for BASF App

A good user experience (UX) is critical to the success of an application. And thus especially important for applications that are freely available and therefore depend on a good user …

BASF AGSolutions Finder App_ UX Optimierung durch sovanta

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Carolin Harms
Head of Design

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Carolin Harms is Head of Design at sovanta AG and manager of the Hamburg office. She has been working on optimizing the user experience of business software for more than 10 years.
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