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Our Approach: SAP Fiori Education & Training

SAP Fiori is the ideal basis for applications with a good user experience. For product managers, designers, and developers, it includes a set of tools and guidelines to create solutions for any platform faster than ever before. In our short training sessions “SAP Fiori Education & Training” we demonstrate you how.

With sovanta on the SAP Fiori journey

What is SAP Fiori? What is behind the SAP Fiori Launchpad? Why do I need Fiori Elements? And how does Fiori fit into my IT landscape? Using Fiori is an enormous lever for a company to quickly develop applications with a strong UX – but to ensure that the SAP standard can develop its full potential, fundamental questions should be clarified.

Keep track of the Fiori world and get to the right implementation and extension of the standard quickly and easily.

In short training sessions, we provide you as the product owner and your team with a clear understanding of the central concepts of Fiori as well as the most important technical basics. First, get to know the basis of SAP Fiori as well as the UX methods and their application. Then we move into practice and prepare your team for your (first) SAP Fiori project in a hands-on part. Learn which enhancement options are available for your individual use case and how you can easily find the right use of Fiori with the help of a decision tree.

Our offer “SAP Fiori Education & Training” at a glance:

  • 2x training session á 3h (virtual or physical)
  • Basic understanding of the technical fundamentals and key components of Fiori
  • Application of the discussed Fiori concepts to a real-life real use case
  • Translation of individual requirements into Fiori compliant User stories, and then discuss them with your development team

Trust the long-standing SAP Fiori development partner.

Benefit from clear and transparent training during your SAP Fiori journey.

  • First-hand knowledge transfer from experienced Fiori designers and developers
  • Key concepts and approaches from the Fiori world are put into perspective
  • Stumbling blocks and possible sources of errors are directly revealed
  • Your team is quickly ready to get started with Fiori and benefit from all its advantages.

Contact us. We will be happy to put together an offer for you that exactly fits your team
and your individual requirements.

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