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Presentation on the intelligent enterprise in HR

The journey to become an Intelligent Enterprise leads via digitization. And this has become a highway in recent months and years. In the terms of current developments, the trend can be observed that the employee is becoming the center of action. At the same time, efficiency and automation play a major role – and the HR department becomes the main playground for innovation.

Dr. Tommi Kramer, Head of Data Science at sovanta AG, together with Akin Aritmac, Head of Sales, gets to the bottom of the current role of the HR department – and how it can be supported.

Presentation | 27:00 minutes | in German | English subtitles available via the video tool bar

Tommi Kramer: Data Science
Dr. Tommi Kramer
Chief AI Officer
Akin Artimac: Customer Engagement
Akin Aritmac
Chief Sales Officer
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