HXM Roadmap

HXM roadmap for successive implementation of various HR initiatives in the SAP IT landscape.

Use Case: HXM Roadmap
The end of maintenance of the SAP portal and SAP HCM presents companies with fundamental challenges. Decisions need to be made regarding the continued use of the HCM system and the strategic direction for the use of SAP SuccessFactors as an HR suite. To this end, we define an HXM roadmap with the customer, including a joint development plan for the implementation of a modern and standardized HXM landscape.

Technological foundations for the development of modern human resource management

Three success factors of the HXM Roadmap:

  1. Ensuring core functionalities in SAP HCM through H4/S4 upgrade​
  2. Implementation of centralized and modern user access to the (new) HR world via SAP Work Zone​
  3. Digitization of diverse analogue and manual processes with SAP Build Process Automation


HR/ IT, ​
all employees​

SAP Work Zone​, SAP Fiori ESS/MSS​, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP HCM (H4S4), SAP SuccessFactors

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