From the first concept to the rollout

Are you searching for project support? Or do you want to find out how digital assistants can help your company? sovanta can help you to establish world-class language technologies.

Bot Sprint

Within a few days, you can move from an initial idea to the final chat bot concept.

Do you want to introduce a bot for your business area? The Bot-Sprint is the best way to define requirements and develop a functional chatbot. This can then be tested with actual users and provides an ideal basis for further decision-making steps.

Workshop Scoping

At the beginning of a project it is important to identify the right application case. Which problem should be solved? What is the right channel?

Workshop Dialogue Design

Define the scope of functions using example dialogs. Which questions can the bot answer? Which answers can be automated?

Workshop Content Meeting

Review existing information and systems. Create the content needed for the demo. Which data sources are available? How can they be connected?

Demo Day & Review

Present the final (Bot) prototype, Bot demos, and review further functionalities. What are the next steps? (e.g. user test)

Conversational AI Development

Tailor-made solutions for your success

Our team of experts supports you during the initial conception, development and operation of language assistants (e.g., chatbots). Once developed, your skills are available across all channels and allow you to avoid making complicated and time-consuming adjustments.

Are you already using a special technology? No problem – our team advises and develops regardless of the language services and platforms you have in place.

Content Creation & Editing

The right language for your dialogues

How do you write successful dialogues? What is the right approach for your target group?

We support you in writing concise, suitable texts in line with your chatbot strategy. Whether it's training your employees or using an external Center of Excellence – with our expertise in Conversational AI, we can help you create content, dialogues, and search for the right keywords

Bot character development

The language assistant as part of your Brand Experience

Language assistants are regarded as an important brand touchpoint and are therefore an indispensable part of the overall brand experience. Your Bot needs to represent your company.

But how can this be achieved? What tone of voice suits your assistant? How should it react and what attitudes should it convey?

Together, we help you figure out the right character for your language assistant and ensure that the style, voice, and language of your assistant strengthens your brand.

Knowledge Transfer