Integration Suite Concept

SAP Integration Suite Concept

Successful migration to the Integration Suite: This is what the appropriate operational concept looks like.

Use Case: SAP Integration Suite Concept
What processes, teams, and roles are needed to operate the Integration Suite? With the announced end of maintenance for SAP PI/PO in 2027, transitioning to the SAP Integration Suite as part of SAP BTP becomes necessary. However, what challenges does this pose for a company? What does an operational concept look like? The sovanta BTP experts provide clarification on all aspects of the Integration Suite. As part of this, a concept for integrating SAP BTP into existing IT operational processes is developed, including incident management, change management, emergency, and escalation processes.

Guidelines for the development of integration content for long-term reusability and maintainability

Three success factors of the SAP Integration Suite Concept:

  1. Step-by-step guide for optimal operation of the Integration Suite​
  2. User management, system monitoring, and backup recovery – complete transparency regarding all roles and tasks​
  3. Insight into the topic of ‘Monitoring costs and resource utilization’

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